How does one launch a startup without technical experience?

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There are a lot of success stories we are able to browse on-line regarding non-technical founders that commenced with an excellent idea and have with success fully grown their startup into a profitable company although they don’t have a technical background. Some list of non-technical founders are marketers, realty brokers, teachers, publicity officers, money analysts and additional. Then we raise however did they are doing it? However did they manage to create their plan into a working product with none technical expertise?


I listed below some options or choices that non-technical founders look for or avail that may be relevant to you too.


1. Find a Technical Co-founder


It is quite common to listen to that it’s usually best to possess a technical partner and co-founder to figure with you in your startup. Thus you are trying to recruit somebody you think that you recognize may well be capable. This person might be somebody you meet in a very tech conference, tech meet ups, tech events or different networking events.


However, attempting to start out a business venture with somebody you don’t absolutely recognize may well be a pain within the head within the end of the day. You have already given the person an equity, or have planned long-run (hoping the startup works out), however in robust times, you’ll ne’er recognize if you’ll encounter problems. There are a lot of stories regarding co-founder falling-out. Thus bear in mind of this scenario before you rummage around for your technical co-founder.


2. Purchase Ready-made or Customize Software or Template


There are a lot of websites that you just will notice a ready-made software or template in Themeforest or different suppliers. This can be a decent start thinking about it’s cheaper. However, once you need to customize the pages, you continue to got to look for a developer to assist you create the changes. The difficult part here is wherever to search out a decent developers to assist you set-up. The worst case here is that if you found the incorrect developer, the budget you have got allotted to release version one might not be enough.


3. Outsource the Work On-line by Obtaining Freelancers or Remote Developers


Websites like Upwork (formerly referred to as Odesk), Elance, Freelancer contains a pool of remote developers that may assist you build your mvp (Minimum Viable Product). However, opt for your freelancers wisely. Check that you discover people who are verified to supply quality work. You’ll ask for some references or look into their recent works to assist you assess.


4. Hire Web Development Team as a Technical Partner


Another way for a non-technical founder to launch his/her product plan is to hire a team as a technical partner. The price depends on your project scope but, you primarily have the management on the scope of what you’ll build. This might be a decent option to consider particularly once you have already got a solid business model for your startup plan.


One of the advantages of getting a technical partner to figure with you is that they will facilitate place structure to your plan ranging from the design section to preparation section of your product since they need already built their development processes. You don’t got to worry looking for skills and experience on specific things like server set-up, payment integration etc. anymore.


These are some ideas for you to contemplate as a non-technical founder and it really depends on the type of plan you have got or the stage of the your startup plan. If you have some queries, clarifications or different insights, please be happy to comment below or send us an email directly. I’d be happy to listen to some of your thoughts on this.


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