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Understanding the concept of UI/UX for web Designers

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I started to discuss and shared the most necessary aspects that an online designer has to consider before planning a website. During this post, we are progressing to establish the way to use some logical elements with your website.


Here are a number of the aspects for understanding the psychology of UI/UX:

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Contrast Principle: This can be one thing you always notice in searching malls. You wish a try of shoe, you check the value, and it shows $100. Not in your budget right? You once more go to a web shop, like another try of shoes whose value is $120 and that they are giving a 15 august discount that makes the value $102. You’re therefore excited that you just are saving $18 that you just can’t facilitate yourself from buying that product. This can be the contrast principle that firms use to attract additional customers. You will build a decent use of this principle of UI/UX to draw in variety of conversion and client satisfaction.


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Follow practices that your users are comfortable with: I’m certain you/ your web designer will do one thing exceptionally inventive but certify you don’t lose your customer’s interest from your website whereas trying to do that. You would possibly think you’re planning one thing that is exclusive from others, however, your customers have already created a picture of your website in their minds. They already grasp what options they need to click on and wherever the contact form goes to be, just like different websites that they need browsed until currently. If you place your menus at unusual places like mentioned during this image, your customers would possibly switch to your competitors website.


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A technique to form transient changes to be noticed: If you wish the guests to notice one thing new whereas browsing your website, attempt to add or size a definite object from your website instead of simply changing its color. For e.g. once you see fictional image of your website, the missing box makes additional impact than the one with the modified color. Within the blank image, i started to think why is that this missing, once I will see it back etc.



Getting right with the fonts: have you ever been to a website wherever nothing is clear aside from the logo. I have, and it annoys me the most. Web designers attempt to use some non-standard fonts to appear trendy, however seriously, those trendy fonts aren’t clear for a traditional user in any respect. If you wish to point out your power, go with those html effects and recently introduced modules, however keep your fonts easy and standard. Now if you explore the fonts during this image, only the primary 3 are clear (ideally talking regarding the website), and also the remainder of the 3 are for certain progressing to take time for the users to grasp.


Understand the website scanning strategy: A watch tracking image study shows that viewers choose to browse the web pages in an F-shaped pattern: 2 horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe. The viewers at first browse during a horizontal technique on the highest layout of the website. Then they are going a little on the bottom area and so browse across during a second horizontal technique that usually covers a shorter area than the previous movement. And at the top, they scan the website’s left side during a vertical approach. Often this can be a relaxed yet systematic scan that appears as a solid stripe on a watch tracking results.


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